Friday, July 18, 2008


I have always loved children's books. Long after my peers had put away their copies of Tikki Tikki Tembo and Goodnight Moon, I kept on reading picture books and juvenile fiction. Picture books are a particular draw for me because I am an artist as well as a writer.

As a child, my parents rarely bought new books for me to read. I usually ended up with either hand-me-downs from neighbors and cousins, or from trips to the flea market every Saturday. It was only on special occasions that I got new books. So, it only seems natural that I would fall into my current profession.

I own and operate E. M. Maurice Books, specializing in rare and collectible children's and illustrated books. I sell mainly through the catalogs issued throughout the year (usually four per year) and trade shows. I do sell online somewhat but it is through my personal relations with collectors that I am able to continue. I do welcome visits by appointment, but it's rare that this happens.

I try to stock only first editions and I'm very picky about condition and always note any flaws a book may have. I also love to research both books and their creators so I can provide my collectors with information about what they are purchasing or items in their collection they might like to learn more about.

I also believing in carrying a wide range of stock to accommodate collectors at all levels. People from all income brackets love books and I see no reason to alienate a collector by carrying only the priciest books. So, in my inventory you can find books that are well over a thousand dollars, but also ten dollar books. I've included a few photos of the shelves in my office.

My intent for this blog is to do a weekly post about a particular book or creator, highlighting selections from both my personal collection as well as from my inventory. My personal collection ranges from rare books, to books that I bought new because I was drawn to them for their artwork, as well as books that have sentimental value. I welcome questions and comments and of course additional information about the books or creators mentioned!


Joseph D'Angelo said...

Great to find your blog; its a great resource and read. I've sold a few books to you via eBay so its great to have a behind-the-scenes look at E.M.Maurice Books! I am also an artist and share your love of children's/illustrated books.
All the best,

Timothy Forry said...

Thanks for checking out the blog. I haven't been quite as attentive to it as I had planned, but life is very busy! I will be posting shortly, though.